Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Both Sides to KONY2012

The Video that Went Viral

Criticisms, Skepticism & Problems

It's important to think critically - I've tried to present both sides, but it's up to you to declutter all this information


Personally, altho Invisible Children's approach is basically to support-an-army-to-attack-another-army, I fully support the idea of getting people aware, doing something about it as a group & I appreciate that there's a movement going.  Even tho the strategy isn't the best, more awareness may lead to better ideas.  So I don't think I'll buy the action pack ... but I'm sure as hell going to Kony2012 Toronto: Facebook Event Page


  1. their methods seem sketchy but spreading the word's a good idea

  2. Replies
    1. Did u even watch/read the criticism material?

    2. yup, and i think invisible children explained themselves quite well - they're not perfect, but they seem to know what they're doing & i trust that by attending cover the night, i'll be making a difference in the world

    3. i dunno, this seems like a scam - supporting armed forces to fight other armed forces ....

    4. is there anything wrong with raising awareness for kony & appreciating that at least 1 person has decided to take action ... even if their methods are a little misguided? i rly think that with more ppl on board, these ideas on how to fight kony will be better

  3. i like how u presented both sides & how u put those dotted lines there to separate the material from your personal opinions